Untitled by Lula Goce , 2019 at 181 W King St.

Lula Goce is a prominent artist in the contemporary urban art scene in Spain with much of her work being shown around Europe and across the world. Lula is well-known for her ultra-realistic public art pieces depicting intimate scenes of individuals within beautifully woven elements of nature. Her serene imagery inspires deep introspection and challenges the viewer to consider oneself within the context of a greater natural world, and human history.

Her untitled piece draws from the Morrison Archive; a collection of historical photos located in the Shenandoah County Library.  Her work not only references original residents of the area, but reflects feminine strength, and boldness and bravery in the face of adversity; themes often explored in Lulas work. This hauntingly beautiful piece challenges us to take on the future, not with fear and indecision, but with confidence and an unflinching resolve.