How to Create SaaS Content for Increased Acquisition & Retention


How to Create SaaS Content for Increased Acquisition & Retention

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) needs content marketing to attract and convert customers. Here's how to use it for acquisition & retention.

How to Use Dark Content to Increase Your SaaS Sales

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So what is dark content?

One of the key things your content should do to sell more of your SaaS product is to answer the burning questions your customers have. The problem is, we usually are already answering these burning questions.

We’re just doing it in a way without any leverage.

Dark content is the process of answering questions that the moment they’re answered, that dark content is gone forever. Usually, this most commonly happens on a sales call where your team gives amazing nuggets of wisdom to the client but future clients have no access to that wisdom unless the salesperson gets on the phone and happens to repeat themselves.

You can leverage this by creating blog posts, videos, or other formats of content so that way your team can use these awesome pieces of content in leverage, scalable way that can produce some amazing results for your SaaS.

Not only will it free up potentially a ton of time for your staff, but you will also be educating your customers in such a way that they are more likely to become superfans of your SaaS.

How to Develop a SaaS Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is an effective way to drive organic traffic, leads, and revenue. Big companies like Hubspot invest into writing absurd amounts of content because they understand the incredible ROI.

Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute found that it takes approximately 15-17 months to become profitable, but once it does, you’ll have non-stop SaaS customers rolling in.

Begin by creating a buyers persona, considering their demographics, questions, and pain points. Then, create a spreadsheet to act as a content calendar. Include rows for topics, keywords, resources, and a publishing date.

Lastly, write some content! Focus on achieving a higher word count, using your keywords naturally, formatting with header tags/lists/bullet points, including graphics/stats, and using shorter sentences.

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SaaS Content Strategies: Quick Wins and Long-Term Plays

The SaaS landscape is getting more and more competitive. This makes content marketing and user acquisition more difficult and expensive. You can’t afford to focus on content or acquisition strategies that won’t deliver. Unfortunately, it takes most teams too long to find out what doesn’t work.

Jeff Coyle and George Chasiotis from MINUTTIA discuss high-impact content strategies for SaaS companies. Get ideas for quick wins and long-term plays and hear examples of:

– Topic clusters for thousands of keywords
– Strategies around keywords like alternatives, comparison, software
– How to build topic authority in a crowded space

0:00 Building Topic Authority in a Crowded Space
2:14 The Forgotten Part of The Customer Journey
4:35 Google’s Helpful Content Update
9:09 Quick Wins That Boost Growth

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