Common International SEO Challenges & How to Prevent Them


Common International SEO Challenges & How to Prevent Them

Discover how you can prevent the most common international SEO challenge and avoid destroying your global opportunities and reputation.

How and why to migrate to HTTPS | International SEO

Read Fili’s guide to https here or visit to download our free guide to https in an international context.

Fili Wiese from joins us to discuss https and why all businesses should ensure their websites are using it. He shares some of the common mistakes, as well as what to consider at each stage of the process – from planning to post-implementation.

His recommendations include testing everything on a development site before migration, monitoring log files on an on-going basis and where possible updating inbound links to the https url.

Another tip relates to http/2, and the fact that moving to http/2 at the same time https makes sense. http/2 is more related to site speed than security but it is more efficient to do both together.

He also gives specific advice relating to international websites, including ensuring hreflang annotations are updated and utilising Google Search Console to monitor sites by language, country or region.

While every site should consider moving, a good tip is to do an SEO audit before moving. As Google will recrawl a site when moving to https, making changes and fixing issues before migration will ensure that all improvements are picked up quickly.

Read Fili’s guide to https here or visit to download our free guide to https in an international SEO context.

International SEO at Netflix | International SEO

If you’re interested in finding out more on this topic, download our free guide on geo-targeting for international websites here:

It’s one of the most well-known global brands, with a presence all around the world, but Netflix has the same international SEO challenges as any other business. Laura Lippay, Head of Organic Search at Netflix, talks about the geo-targeting challenges of launching new country websites, the benefits a testing culture can have on SEO, the importance of collaboration between teams and going back to basics with old-school SEO techniques.

This in-depth interview with Netflix’s Laura Lippay provides a unique insight into how one of the world’s most popular brands tackles international SEO.

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(00:21) Netflix is a huge business with a global presence. How do you even start managing SEO over so many sites?
(04:08) Why did Netflix decide to use the subdomain strategy for geo-targeting, rather than ccTLDs?
(04:28) Is Netflix’s SEO work all managed centrally from the US, or do you have local teams looking after each country’s SEO efforts?
(05:00) SEO best practice is constantly changing, with search engines continually rolling out updates. How do you keep up-to-date with the latest SEO best practices and find reliable SEO information?
(07:06) Testing is something that’s talked about less frequently in SEO than PPC, but it’s just as important. Where should people be focusing their tests when testing SEO?
(09:44) Netflix has a company culture of all the different teams working together. That’s not always easy! How does Netflix make it work?
(13:07) Now that Netflix is a global company, when you want to test something internationally do you start with just one or two markets or do you dive straight in and run the test in all markets?
(14:02) What is the best strategy nowadays to build links when you have a new website?
(16:08) Marketing is going back to basics. Despite the new technologies that are emerging, the principles and what people respond to stay the same.
(17:57) How do you think international SEO will evolve in the future?

If you’re interested in finding out more on this topic, download our free guide on geo-targeting for international websites here:

Top International & Multilingual SEO Challenges & How to Fix/Avoid them

Aleyda Solis, Gianluca Fiorelli and Nitin Manchanda will be sharing the stage to talk about Top International & Multilingual SEO Challenges.

Aleyda Solis is International SEO Consultant and founder of Orainti,-a highly specialized, boutique SEO consultancy-, she is a blogger on Search Engine Journal and Moz as well as a speaker at more more than 100 conferences across 20 countries. She presents in English and Spanish. She also offers actionable SEO tips in her weekly YouTube video series Crawling Mondays and newsletter, with a summary of the latest news in SEO, called SEOFOMO.

Nitin Manchanda is working for Omio as Global Head of SEO and based in Berlin, Germany. He also hosts webinars for SEMrush. Nitin started his professional journey as a Software Developer. He loves automation, scalability, technical and international SEO.

For all the details of the agenda this week, read the Authoritas blog:

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Most Common International SEO Issues & How to Fix Them

Learn about the most common International SEO Issues & How to Fix them in this conversation with Nitin Machanda, Global Head of SEO at Omio, David Iwanow Global Search & Traffic Manager at Danone, Gianluca Fiorelli, International SEO Consultant:

01:10 What’s the top 1 mistake that you see happening in International SEO?
04:32 Which are the top technical related issues that you find in international SEO processes?
12:26 How to select the best international Web structure for your site?
19:29 What’s the most cost-effective localization process?

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