Sunset Flip by Signature Unknown, 2019 at 227 East King St.

Signature Unknown is an art duo made up of Kenley Darling and Scott Chasse; both hailing from small towns in Massachusetts .Kenley now works out of Maine in her studio, The Good Luck Center of the Universe, where she creates illustrative postcards, stickers, temporary tattoos, and mini art pieces designed to spread positive and uplifting messaging with her signature “good luck” tag line. Scott splits his time between Brooklyn and upstate New York, running the Calico Gallery in Brooklyn which focuses on featuring work by emerging artists, while also creating his own work as an artist and woodworker, producing functional art such as beautifully crafted bird and bat houses.

Under the moniker Signature Unknown, Kenley and Scott focus on their united love for folk art aesthetics and combining the traditional with the contemporary, referencing quilt patterns of old, presented anew by great scale, and modern color choices and augmented compositions.

Sunset Flip takes inspiration from local nature photography; featuring a color palette drawn from sunsets over the Shenandoah Valley. This monumental geometric quilt pattern creates a sense of peace and serenity through its docile tones and historic sensibilities, accentuated by the early 1900s architecture of residential house on which it resides. This piece serves as a meeting of the past and present; the new and old; reviving time-honored country artisan techniques for the here and now.