Origins by Phillip Adams , 2018 at 318 E. King St.

Phillip Adams is an artist based out of Philadelphia, PA. Adams received his BFA from the University of Georgia and his MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. He has exhibited his work in Philadelphia at Seraphin Gallery, Arcadia University, Moore College of Art, University of Pennsylvania, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Tiger Strikes Asteroid (founding member), and Bridgette Mayer Gallery. Adams’ work has also been included in exhibitions throughout the United States. His public art is featured both nationally and internationally, most recently Montreal, Canada.

Origins harkens to the beginnings of the Appalachian Mountains, which at roughly 480 million years old, stands as the oldest mountain range in the country and at one time rivaled the heights of the Rockies. By placing human elements against this monumental backdrop, Adams challenges us to consider our place within the grand span of time; recognizing the past and pondering humanities role in the future.