The Fawn by David and Desiree Guinn, 2017 at 192 W. King St.

Desiree Guinn is an educator and street artist.  Her work primarily focuses on an ever-evolving mythology about motherhood using the media of wheat pastes and unconventional installations.

David Guinn is a muralist with over forty public works worldwide.  Originally trained as an architect, David explores the impact public art makes within its environment.  He uses elemental forms and mark making to transform the space around the viewer.

The Fawn is the first collaboration between husband and wife.  Bold arcs reference the many bends of the Shenandoah River while gradients of vivid color allude to the beauty and positive energy the artists experienced in the area.  A delicate fawn is depicted drinking from the moving water, symbolizing new life and the bounty of nature. and