About Staufferstadt Arts

Staufferstadt Arts is a non-profit organization formed in 2015 by a group of young, driven Strasburg natives. Made up of artists, musicians, and craftsmen, the organization was formed to foster the local arts, encourage creativity, and to celebrate and introduce art in our community.

Focused on installing a collection of the finest contemporary public art in Strasburg VA by internationally recognized muralists and street artists, Staufferstadt Arts revolves around the idea that art has the power to transform spaces, inspire the next generation, and engage our community; speaking to it's past and future, and challenging the perspectives of those who pass through the area. Staufferstadt Arts hopes to aid in the revitalization of the town by creating a unique environment in which the most talented artists from all over the world can produce powerful work aimed at speaking to our community as a whole.

About the Staufferstadt Mural project

The Staufferstadt Mural Project is an ongoing public-art initiative installing murals in the downtown area of Strasburg VA. Staufferstadt Arts works with world-renowned muralists to produce work that is location-sensitive and tailored to speak to the community in which it resides on an emotional and/or intellectual level. With the goal of creating a collection of contemporary public art of the highest quality, Staufferstadt Arts aims to create an atmosphere welcoming to visitors in the valley and locally serving as a cultural catalyst; engaging the community to imagine a vital future where anything is possible.

About the Staufferstadt House

The Staufferstadt House is a rustic, secluded, formerly abandoned, 150+ year old farmhouse, located outside of Strasburg. The house is partially restored, maintaining it's original charm, with original wallpaper and flower-pattern floors, but updated with plumbing and electricity. The house includes a two room live-in art studio, a music room, and an adjacent small-scale events space.

About Strasburg VA

Located near Shenandoah National Park, 75 miles west of Washington DC, Strasburg, Virginia is a location rich in beautiful views and history. Founded in 1761, Strasburg was originally a German speaking farming town which became most well known for it's ceramics industry. In current times it is a peaceful small town, with antique stores, a few restaurants, and a close knit, friendly community. The postcard-like vistas of the Shenandoah River along with the Massanutten and Allegheny mountains draw visitors from far and wide.